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Palatable Pierogis

After Laura and Mel made Big Mac turnovers, we still had lots of filling left over. With Nic being distantly Polish, Mel and Nic decided to go the route of the original inspiration for the Big Mac turnovers, and ended up making pierogis with it. We found a recipe for pierogi dough here, and used the remaining filling that Laura and Mel previously made. Nic mixed up the ingredients for the dough, and rolled out the first half, cutting out circles with a glass, and passing them to Mel to fill. Once they were filled, they went right into the frying pan with some onion, until browned. After the first batch, we switched roles.


Nic working hard to roll out the ever-shrinking dough

This time Mel started to roll out the dough, while Nic filled a few circles that were left from the first batch. The pierogi dough is really elastic, and rolling it out was quite a challenge, as it kept shrinking back to the size it was before each roll. But this stretchy property came in handy while filling the pierogis, as it was very forgiving. However, when Nic tried filling them, he did one and said “how did you do this?” After giving him a few tips, Mel went back to the dough, which she had FINALLY rolled to the desired thickness. After attempting to use a glass to cut out a circle, Nic looked over, saw the struggle on Mel’s face, looked down at his meat-covered pierogis, and gladly asked if Mel wanted to switch back. Mel quickly agreed, and we went back to our original roles, making our dinner frustration free.


Action shot of Mel expertly filling the pierogis.

The verdict? They’re delicious! They’re obviously richer than potato filled pierogis, but they weren’t sickening as a meal. They were especially delightful when paired with a Big Mac Salad! We used the Big Mac sauce as a salad dressing, and will definitely be making it again!


The finished product!


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